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Several months ago, our not so old uncle began to have serious health issues. We live in Southern California, he in Phoenix, Arizona. Although friends and neighbors tried to be helpful, and I made several trips to see him while he was in the hospital and then took him to doctors’ appointments, this path was not sustainable as he needed consistent care. Not a candidate for assisted living, we followed a recommendation of a friend and contacted Diane Skaff, owner of Senior Support Solutions. Best decision ever! Diane took over. She immediately assessed our uncle’s needs, began organizing medication, coordinating appointments, checking the safety of his home, listening to our concerns and his fears. Counselor, friend, professional, Diane continues to be this and so very much more. Of course I am still active in our uncle’s care, but with a partner who keeps me informed all of the time. I am happy to report a dramatic improvement in our uncle’s health and I know that would not have happened without the consistent care that Diane is providing.

Lori W., Santa Monica, Calif.

Senior Support Solutions has been great in helping me find an Independent Living facility. I was living in a senior apartment complex in Sun City, Arizona. However, my family contacted Senior Support Solutions and asked for their help in locating a facility for me to help ensure my safety and comfort as well as give me the opportunity to interact with others and become involved in planned activities. Diane Skaff found the perfect facility for me and even remembered my mentioning that I  would like to live near a lake. I enjoy my new living environment very much and will continue to work with Senior Support Solutions to help meet my future needs, including Diane Skaff accompanying me to my medical appointments, consulting with my physicians, and keeping my family informed of my status.  

Jim S. – Client, Peoria, Ariz.
I am a client of Senior Support Solutions in Arizona and am very happy with the care that Diane Skaff has offered me. She is most knowledgeable, caring, and professional, and is always there for me when I need her.I truly trust her judgment and both my family and I have seen the results of her efforts and have witnessed my medical improvements. I never hang up the phone without thanking her for all that she has done and continues to do for me.

John.G. – Client, Phoenix, Ariz.
John and I cannot thank Diane enough for her assistance during this difficult time.  Her expertise, professionalism, and compassion was beyond what we could have hoped for. She was a godsend to us as we are sure she will continue to be for many more people. Her service is a life-saver for caregiving families, most especially like ours who are not in the local area. 

John & Monica R., Dayton, Ohio