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How do I know if a Geriatric Care Manager      will benefit me?
Should you need help for yourself or for a loved one, it is wise to evaluate the needs to determine whether or not they are being met.  

You may want to ask yourself...

  • Is meeting these needs hindering my daily life and/or my normal responsibilities? 
  • Is my family or my work being affected?
  • Am I having difficulty monitoring services or resources that I have chosen?
  • Are my finances being affected by lost work hours?
  • Am I spending excessive time and money on travel requirements due to distance from a loved one?
  • Do I have the time, skills, resources, and knowledge to engage the proper professionals to work with my loved one?
  • Do I have my loved one's best interest at heart if I am making choices on a trial and error basis?
  • Am I taking into consideration my own health and personal needs so that I can be "available" as needed?
  • If I am living apart from my loved one, how will I know if a problem or crisis has occured?

The list is endless with the main question being... Am I fully aware if and when I might need guidance from a Professional Geriatric Care Manager? ​ Am I ready to seek the help of an experienced consultant to make this journey easier and more satisfying for my loved one and myself? 

What can 
Senior Support Solutions 
actually do for me? 
How does it work?

  • First we meet for a free consultation to determine if having a Geriatric Care Manager is exactly what you need.

  • If so, then we meet at the cl​ient's place of residence (private home, independent living facility, assisted living facility, group home, skilled nursing facility, Alzheimer's facility, etc.) to conduct an Assessment to identify problems and determine solutions.

  • We then guide the client and their family toward outside resources if necessary (physicians, psychiatrists, personal, social, etc.).

  • We oversee and monitor the care of the client which may be  provided by their living facility, by private caregivers, or outside resources.

  • Consistent oversight and monitoring will help ensure continuity of care and the best outcome for the client's well-being.

  • There will be ongoing communication between the client, designated family members, medical personnel, service providers, and other professionals.​

  • We provide crisis interventon if needed.

  • We will provide assistance with moving.

  • We advocate for the client and their family.

  • We schedule and participate in Care Conferences held by the facility that they live in.

  • We monitor expenses being charged by the facility.

  • We provide support, education, and the quality of care that your loved one deserves.

  • We can plan and attend personal celebrations as requested.

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • We are affordable,  as we help to avoid inappropriate housing placement, uninformed decision making, duplication/unnecessary services, etc.
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