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We are here to assist you. We advocate for you and your loved one and help to plan, manage, and oversee all aspects of care. Senior Support Solutions can be your single point of contact for all levels of elder care.

  • Expert guidance for issues related to aging and elder care
  • Suggested resources to help the senior reach and maintain their highest potential​ and level of independence
  • Direction in helping those wth chronic or acute conditions such as: Dementias, Strokes, Physical Disabilities, etc.
  • The benefits of conserving the family's finances by doing it right the first time​
  • Observation on the condition of the senior's:
                 Psychological welfare
                 Emotional welfare​
Helping you help your loved ones...
Together we can do it right...the first time
The services of a GCM will free up your schedule, allowing more quality time with your loved one. Let us guide you in the best direction possible, allowing you to make the most educated, informed, and cost effective choices.
What is a Geriatric Care Manager ?
Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)  is actually a consultant who specializes in assisting seniors, and their families who care for them. Our experience and extensive knowledge offer you practical and time-sensitive solutions. 
Geriatric Care Management Services Offer You
Our Mission Statement

Senior Support Solutions upholds the tremendous importance of Independence, Respect and Dignity and is built upon - and dedicated to - providing gentle, loving, personalized, and compassionate care to our clients.  

Senior Support Solutions makes decisions based upon the client and their family's best interests, and diligently conducts business to be as affordable as possible for those involved. At the same time offering individualized solutions for all care needs.